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Academy & Training

We offer a comprehensive academy program, custom coaching and training to all layers and organisational departments in your organisation.


Introduction to sustainable business

Core concepts

Donut Economics, Circular Economy, Natural capital accounting, digital enablement

Deep dives

Greenhouse Gas emissions, circular design, sustainable logistics

Future related

Regulatory landscape, innovation, business models


1-2-1 coaching and guidance to executives on their sustainability journey


Immersive programmes that can be combined with your existing  executive education programme

Long-term support is provided to help the organisation navigate the sustainability journey


Embedding of practices and knowledge is key to developing momentum for change and maintain the speed of change

Custom Training

We have specific courses and online training that we can provide e.g. GHG emissions measurement, Circular Business model innovation


Bespoke training can be requested on topics from human rights to environmental product design – we can use our network to bring these trainings to you


We can use your data to tell the story better to your own employees, and create valuable content in training sessions

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