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LifeSky has come to be through the good standing relationship with many partners in the industry.
It's roots lie in a long term collaboration with the innovative institute Brightlands of the University of Maastricht, leader in medical technology Philips Healthcare, medical supply manufacturer and distributor Boston Scientific and supply chain partner Arvato-Bertelsmann. Together with the Academic Hospital of Groningen, NL, we have brought this new way of working to life and are able to provide a tried and tested supply chain solution that aims at improving the supply chain ecosystem for all parties.

We invite all vendors, equipment suppliers, hospitals and other actors in the Healthcare Supply Chain to join our vendor agnostic initiative.


We our proud to partner with the Healthcare Association of Supply Chain Innovation (HASCI) Foundation.


The HASCI Foundation has the purpose of uniting parties within the life sciences industry, hospitals and academia in an initiative to accelerate supply chain innovation and sustainability in the complete healthcare supply chain.


It was initiated by Brightlands Institute and the University of Maastricht with the goal of working with partners to a standardisation throughout the supply chain. This working relation between parties involved and linked to the foundation unique, complementary and with full respect for each other. Only through succesfull collaboration, can we make a difference in supply chain innovation and sustainability.

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